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An unparalleled service, offering a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that embraces the design, supply and distribution of structural steel elements.

Our customers benefit from unparalleled structural steel services. We offer a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that embraces the design, supply and distribution of structural steel elements.

We directly manufacture overhead line electrification (OLE) structural steelwork, power transmission towers and an array of specialist fabrications for the infrastructure industry. As a specialist in the manufacture and fabrication of structural steelwork, Painter Brothers provides greater levels of material security and programme certainty, by way of a dedicated fabrication and storage facility in Hereford.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in supplying structural steel components throughout the UK and overseas ensures that our customers receive quality-assured structural steel services and solutions, engineered, fabricated and checked by a dedicated, in-house workforce.

Our experience and expertise enables us to deliver projects in a variety of industry sectors, including:

  • Transmission and distribution

    We specialise in the manufacture of galvanised specialist lattice steel towers and steel foundations and have earned an enviable international reputation for the accurate fabrication of these structures, using computer controlled production techniques.

    We are responsible for around 80% of all overhead line power transmission structures across the UK. Our capabilities also include cable support structures and substation support structures, from 11kV up to 500kV.

    Our in-house design and engineering teams have a wealth of expertise and our geotechnical engineering team has the capability to design existing and new foundations for transmission & distribution towers.

  • Communications

    Our vast structural engineering design expertise and manufacturing capability allows us to deliver a wide variety of custom communication mast and tower solutions. We have the capability to design, supply and install communications towers and masts in almost any setting, ranging from 5m to 300m in height, giving our customers the confidence that they are getting truly innovative structures that will meet their needs.

    With our wide range of products and expertise, we have provided solutions for antenna, microwave and broadcasting equipment to some of the world’s key communication providers. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and cost–effective, turnkey solutions for our customers and building strong, durable structures and networks.

  • Rail

    Our rail offering involves an end-to-end service, embracing design, supply, and distribution of structural steel elements, including, foundation steelwork, temporary bridges, signalling gantries and specialist support, along with the manufacture of OLE structures.

    Our in-house team designs, fabricates and erects electrification steelwork for the rail industry, both in the UK and overseas. Working in partnership with our clients and supply chain, we develop safe, efficient solutions that are always ‘best for project’ such as our just-in-time delivery and quick turnaround for the Crossrail West Outer project.

  • Structural steelwork

    Bridge steelwork has been manufactured at Painter Brothers since 1933. We have supplied spans ranging from 30m up to 128m, in the UK and worldwide. To ensure quality of fit, all prototype structures are check erected on our site prior to the commencement of bulk fabrication.

    Using our in-house skills and resources we offer a comprehensive end-to-end structural steel services delivery capability – allowing the design, project management and installation of temporary and permanent access bridges of different types and lengths across widely varying terrain.

    A modular approach means that we can provide bridges of almost any length using many common elements wherever possible.

  • Callender-Hamilton Bridges

    The simplicity of the Callender-Hamilton bridge concept means that for any application, the same standard components are used.  The flexibility of our design team ensures a speedy reaction to individual requirements and a tailored solution.

    Having been manufactured for over 70 years and supplied to customers in more than 50 countries, the benefits of the system include its suitability for permanent, temporary and emergency applications and the ease with which it can be erected.

    All Callender-Hamilton bridge steel components are manufactured in accordance with industry standards. As with our beam bridge service, all components are galvanised providing a maintenance-free life of around 30 years.

    The range consists of six basic design types, providing single spans from 18m up to 128m.  Longer crossings can still be achieved with multiple spans and intermediate piers.

    The bridge system is based on a modular configuration adopting standard member components for all span lengths.  With the capability to meet all client specifications, the Callender-Hamilton Bridge can be used for both temporary and permanent conditions.

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